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An artists ability to draw with light is only as imaginative as what their eyes perceive. Capturing moving life on film is one of the most amazing abilities one can have.

Erik Johansson

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Erik Johansson is a photographer and retouch genius changing the simple into the extraordinary. Erik’s works transpire in Gothenburg, Sweden where he controls every aspect of his incredible site ALLT ELLER INGET. Erik is making still life come alive with color variations, animated artistry, and one a kind form. His gruesome images are some of the most bizarre and unsettling I have ever seen.

Filip Kulisev

A couple months ago, I discovered this photographer when I was searching for information about Geological sites and landscapes. I think what initially had me hooked from the start with Filip Kulisev was his slide show of photography, accompanied with the solid sounds of triumph. I was enthralled with his landscape images, ones in which I sat for a straight hour pining over. Filip Kulisev was born in Bratislava in 1973 and graduated with a degree in tourism. His company “Amazing Planet” is a worldwide leader in art calendars, selling to top companies around the globe. Filip gained national recognition when he won first place in 2006 in the “Wildlife” category at the Fuji film European Press Professional Awards.

Apparently Nothing: Lorissa Shepstone

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Lorissa Shepstone is of South African decent and she resides in the UK with her husband and her cat, Pelei. Lorissa not only is a creative director and web designer of Being Wicked, a company she co-founded, but she also spends most of her time behind the camera shooting such unbelievable pictures such as this landscape. My discovery of Lorissa Shepstone was a personal one considering like her, I spent most of my childhood covered in mud and playing around with the family camera, hoping I wouldn’t drop it. If you have the chance, check out the rest of her awe-inspiring work.

Mark Seliger

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Mark Seliger is a noted editorial photographer shooting such celebrities as Anne Hathaway, Kanye West, Cameron Diaz, and Naomi Watts. Mark has shot covers for GQ magazine, Vanity Fair, and he was also the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone from 1992-2002. Seliger’s works are exhibited all over the world in museums and galleries stemming from social documentaries, portraits, and fashion related works. Mark has received numerous awards for his notable work including “The Society of Publication Designers, The Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, Communication Arts, American Photography, and Photo District News.”

Al Magnus

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This Imaginative photographer brings fantasy to life with his whimsical and natural talents. Not only does this artist possess a PhD, working in the fields of Chemistry and Physics, but he uses that scientific knowledge to create dreamlike images, works that exist only in your imagination.

In an issue of Digital Photo Pro Magnus states “For me, ‘science’ means the joy of discovering, a permanent false naivety, and above all putting oneself in a mental state of ‘to be surprised at any time.’ These conceptions definitely can be seen in my pictures. But I could also add ‘doubt’ and ‘uncertainty.’ I have such an approach to life, in general, and I believe the ‘imagination’ you see is the result.”

Simon Chaput

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One of the most amazing discoveries for me is to find artists like Simon Chaput that can bring the geological environment to film, making it look like you can step right into the picture. Simon was born in France in 1952 and now lives in New York. He travels extensively around the world, photographing sites that bring solitude and calmness to the people that are able to look upon them with an open mind. His personal works include a suite of Stone Observatories in India, definitely my favorite, as well as a modernistic approach to the architecture in Manhattan. I just adore artists that can bring nature to life using nothing but a camera and their imagination. It’s truly a gift.

Nazif Topcuoglu

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What initially struck my interest with this artist was her ability to transform Turkish women into symbols, capturing what they represent in a country that apparently has skewed images of a woman’s strength and abilities.

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