The Deadliest and Most Horrible Diseases That Shock the World

5/30/2009 05:13:00 AM ·

Chan Lee Peng explains why these diseases are not just killer plagues, they’re the deadliest and most horrible diseases that have damaged human life. Indeed, these horrible diseases have left the world in awe!

This article is the fifth series of these dreadful and horrible diseases. In this series, Chan focus's on some highly contagious viruses that cause deadliest and horrible diseases.
Viruses are microbes that are smaller than any bacteria. Typically, viruses are composed of a core of either RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein coat. Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) for example, consists of one single long RNA molecule (6,000 nucleotides) surrounded by a cylindrical protein coat (2130 pieces of the same coat protein), while T4 bacteriophage consists of a DNA molecule which is tightly packed into one protein head.

Deadliest and Most Horrible Diseases That Shock the World

Written by Chan Lee Peng

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