The American Dream: Is It Within Our Reach Without an Education?

5/14/2009 01:14:00 PM ·

Everyone in America has high hopes of achieving the American dream, whether it's by owning and operating one's own business, having a family, or seeking higher education. However, there are obstacles put in place to encumber your hopes and goals - hurdles that can't be overcome by just being the strongest person you can be.

When did women come to a point that they were satisfied being completely ordinary, not wanting to reach for more success or a more enriching life? Women have come to the conclusion that writing a memo for a boss making five times more than they are is completely fulfilling, especially considering they spent four years in college getting a degree in business along with attending night classes to improve their typing skills.

This brings me to the fact that if you are coming to America with the high hopes of obtaining the American Dream, is it necessary to have an education? In my case, college did not prepare me for the business I owned and lost for the sole reason of our weakening economy and lack of social structure. I had no tools to arm myself when the business started to falter. My American Dream was ripped from my clutches and all of the money that I spent in college to prepare me for this moment just felt like a big waste of time. Read More

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