Where to Find the Best Dance Shoes

4/13/2009 07:49:00 PM ·

Just recently, I was remembering how fun it was to go salsa dancing with my friends. Dancing for me was a way to let down my guard and it was a chance for me to display my trendy footwear when I was dancing under the spotlights. However, when I noticed that I couldn’t find my favorite pair of shoes that I purchased from Zappos after I moved this week, I had to go on the search to find the perfect pair of shoes to keep me dancing all night long. I found a black pair of Capezio Julia Latin 2.5” heals that was absolutely perfect for the occasion. Not only did they fit perfectly, but I got so many compliments on them I went back to Zappos to get a second pair. A professional dancer knows how important the correct dance shoe is for success on the dance floor during a casual night on the town or a competition. One wrong move can send you sailing in the wrong direction. So whether you love slow dancing with that special someone, modern dance and jazz, or lightening fast Latin and ballet, Zappo’s has got the avid dancer covered.

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