A Day of Wacky Facts and Offbeat Humor

4/17/2009 08:12:00 AM ·

After a long and stressful week, I decided that I needed a break from the normal and a doze of crazy. So I pillaged the far corners of the Triond site Purple Slinky to see what the latest offbeat and nutty news was.

Sometimes it’s better to exaggerate your qualities a little bit when trying to find a mate. My favorite is the “face only a mother would love…great for dimly-lit romantic meals”. Hysterical! These ads were attached to a newspaper article about how the personal ads in the UK are much more honest than those in the US/Canada. I guess it’s taboo to lie in ads there? Maybe some of my more traveled readers could comment. by Paula Mitchell Bentley

10 Offbeat, Bizarre and Wacky Facts

Whether its flicking through the pages of a magazine or surfing the net, it never fails to amaze me how often I discover a fact that raises my eyebrows, and makes me blurt out “I don’t believe it!” or “Well I never knew that!” Here are just ten of those offbeat, bizarre and wacky facts. Read More Wacky and Offbeat Facts ~

15 Weird Fortune Cookie Sayings

Fortune cookies may be revealing or mysterious. Sometimes they are light and whimsical. Other times they can be downright weird. Here are fifteen fortune cookies on the weird side. Read more about weird fortune cookie sayings. by Steven West

Take Me Down to the Bojack City Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty

Bo Jack City is a beautiful city on Bo Jack Mountain, located in the Bo Jack Islands in the far reaches of the Bo Jack Sea. This is the reason the S.S. Bo Jack Express was created to transport Bo Jack’s fine lines of products. Not all Bo Jack products are made on the Bo Jack Islands, but some are. Read More about Green Grass and Bo Jack City~ Captain Bo Jack

More Funny Things

Billboards, placards, products and posted notes that show we cannot help but be funny most of the time. More Funny Things by thestickman

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