Jack London's Call of the Wild Life

3/18/2009 05:28:00 AM ·

He adventured, stormed, and sailed through 40 years.

Jack London towered above his time (1876-1916), writing over 50 books, nearly 200short stories, several plays, and scores of articles for magazines and newspapers. His pen, powerful and persuasive, fascinated readers smothered by Victorian prudery because it opened windows to adventure and realism.

The Call of the Wild (Northland), White Fang (Northland), The Sea Wolf (sea), Martin Eden (autobiography), The People of the Abyss (sociology), The Iron Heel (political thriller), Before Adam (anthropology), and The Star Rover (science fiction) all remain classics of their genre, as do “To Build a Fire” and “A Piece of Steak” among short stories. Read More

Contributed by James Bankes

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