G: I'd Like to Be Back in the Army

3/09/2009 05:13:00 PM ·

I was sifting through the hundreds of photo's in my boxes and I stumbled across this picture of my Grandfather, 2nd in line, waiting for his routine inspection in the Army.

It brought me back to a time when I would sit at the kitchen table with my Grandpa, drink club soda, and go over the stats for the Kentucky Derby.

We would sit for hours, examining the horses, picking our favorites, and then we would watch the race. It's one of those times when you think that the world is perfect, and you take joys in the simplest of things, like watching the TV.

My grandpa was the first person to take me to the track, and I distinctly remember wandering into one of the stalls of the racehorses, getting ready for his big moment. I never imagined I was doing anything wrong; however, when the jockey noticed me in a warm embrace with his horse, he started yelling at my Grandpa and Mom to remove me at once.

I still have that memory every time I remember the wonderful moments I had with my Grandpa.

So what are your memories with your Grandparents and what have they taught you about life?

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