What do Writers Like to Write About?

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What are writers passionate about? What do we like to write about? What ever pops into our head and whatever we want! As writers, sometimes we can't explain why we write what we write. It may be a certain moment that sticks with us through time, an emotion that strikes us that moment, sometimes we just don't understand it ourselves.

Originally, when I joined Triond, I was still learning the proper way to share my style of writing. Without the help of some very talented people and harsh criticism, I would have never improved my abilities.

Here are some very talented writers you may have never heard about, but you should.

Writer Alina Beck

"It’s such a shame when a well-written article or imaginative piece of fiction is let down by typos and common language errors. Here are some professional tips on proofreading your work."

Essential Proofreading for Professional Results

Writer James Chapman

"Words: they are only words, so why should we worry so much about exactly which words we use? How can words have an impact on the way we write our articles? Can words really have any influence on whether an article succeeds or fails? Good writers think that they can."

The Words Used by Good Writers

Writer Michele Cameran Drew

"Poetry is an artform. It is designed to stretch the mind’s eye, touch the heart and entrench the senses… This article by Michele Cameron Drew was inspired by the recently published “Making Your Poetry Better” by Stephanie Moore and by lazy poets everywhere.."

Creative Writing 101: The Benefits of Developing Your Poetic Skills

Writer John Howard Reid

"I once interviewed a famous novelist and asked why he always chose to write his books from an impersonal, third person viewpoint, when some of them would gain additional force and impact by using a first person narrative. His astonishing reply: “I don’t like using the letter “I”. It makes my pages look ugly”.

A Writer’s Viewpoint: First Person or Third?

Writer Adam Henry Sears

In today’s media dominated world, blogs and instant messengers have dulled down the importance of proper spelling and grammar. Why is it that today’s internet writers are so sloppy? No offense, but this industry needs a major overhaul.

Blogs and Instant Messengers: the Bane of Good Writing Habits

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