Blood Countess: The Monster of Blood

2/28/2009 04:15:00 PM ·

In a span of more than 25 years, the bloodthirsty Countess of Slovakia claimed more than 600 lives. What drove this woman to murder without shame, without conscience? Could it have been years of incestuous relations within the family that created such a monster? Or was it her lust for blood that made her such a cankerous wretch on Slovakian society?

Erzsebet (or more famously known, Elizabeth) Bathory was a woman of royal ancestry. She was beautiful, as well as cunning. Rumors began to swirl amongst villagers that girls who went to the manor of Countess Bathory never returned to their beloved families. Many suspected that the Countess was a sorceress who practiced the dark arts. Blood Countess: The Monster of Blood Continued

Written by Lost in Arizona

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