3 Weeks In: I think I see Gray Hair Already

2/03/2009 01:31:00 PM ·

Three weeks into school and I think I am already seeing gray hairs. I have 15 papers due, a Geology project, an Anatomy II test, a math test, and the list goes on and on.

I am starting to get overwhelmed and the 2 cups of Starbucks just doesn't do me any good.
I figured the best way for me to share my strife, was to yell it out and put it into words.

Papers stacked smeared and stained
with tears of pain
giving my all to maintain
my standings on the list

I botched one answer
yet the others missed all
showing their broken cells
to the only person they think matters

Corrections of 2 letters
making it hard for
a second glance
looking for a chance to let him
know what was in store for him

A frustrated mind and body shows
what it needs to find happiness
in a humorous moment
he keeps noting

At the end I will have the last word
smothering his thoughts with
power and precision

Isn't it wonderful when the smallest of things inspire your words. To proclaim what you want, to have power of the very person who thinks they hold it all.

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