Poetry the Food of Love

1/10/2009 08:37:00 AM ·

It isn't always easy to express love through spoken words. Most writers will reach for their pen or quill and sit by candlelight to feel inspired by a certain someone. Others, will travel to their favorite resting place and be moved by the moment.

For me, most of my poetic expressions of love come from dreams that occur after visions during the daylight. I may have been imagining myself in a certain place or with a certain someone that I am deeply in love with or would like to be.

One of my recent visions of love was a bit to real so I am sharing it with you by way of the pen.

A Heart That Beats for a Dream

I am seeking something that is not
within my grasps; nor does it present itself

in the dawn of the day but, in the darkness
of closed eyelids.

A longing for a soul engulfed heart
a passion that only exists in the dreams
of enraptured lovers and fairy tales of
lost loves.

For this day there is a vision, a question
of what will be when the path has
ended and the direction has led to
the dirt in the desert.

The love this soul will seek may be
found in the hole of ancient history
a blood boiling love that stretch’s the sea
that shall remain until the heart beats no more.

Written by Lauren Axelrod (published on Triond)

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