Reflection: Going back to College

1/19/2009 04:46:00 PM ·

Well, the vacation is over and I am on my way tomorrow to continue what I started. After some deep reflection, I was thrilled to be able to experience the college experience again. The lugging of heavy bags filled with hardback books, walking miles around the campus trying to find my next class which was the door 10 paces back that I missed. It's all so surreal to me especially when I am sitting next to an 18 year old in one of my classes and all that concerns them is where the next party is and I'm thinking I can't wait to put some sweats on and take a nap. Yes, the beginning of old age. I kid, I kid I'm only 31.

I wanted to leave everyone with one of my favorite poems that I wrote yet, it still reflects the next passing days and my journey of everlasting educational bliss.

Mystery of Life's Intuition

A squandered moment in silence
an obstruction that failed to ignore
a changing of minds little process
a flow like the smoothness of the pour

A break in the organized outline
a confusion that left us perplexed
a mystery of life's intuition
a muscle that should have been flexed

It should have been smooth as silk
a direction of change should be easy
the people that want you to fail
in a world that's usually appeasing

You've made it your purpose in life
to move on and obtain what's presented
a gift of success in the masses
to give up your modern defenses

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