Planning a Vacation

1/15/2009 03:32:00 PM ·

I had just started to plan where my next vacation would take place and I was torn with the amount of ideas my family was throwing at me. I already live in Florida so many people would think I’m on vacation already but, ever since I went to Chicago to visit my sister, I wanted to plan another trip back and started looking for Chicago Theatre Tickets and a hotel.

As I started to plan my agenda, I figured why not throw in a trip to a baseball game by looking for Citi Field Tickets, since my last visit was spent watching the White Sox in my pin stripe hat that I still have hanging in my closet.

Now since I was going to be visiting my sister who has an adorable 6 year old daughter that takes circus lessons and already knows how to swing on the trapeze, I figured we would also plan to purchase Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets, since I hadn’t gone to the Circus in years and was missing the excitement.

The trip would not be complete without a stop at the Big Bowl restaurant and of course every coffeehouse in town. I remember I dragged my sister out in the middle of the night to hit a coffee shop. Why you ask? It’s Chicago and all things are possible in the Windy City.

Written by Lauren Axelrod

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