Government and immigration Control.

1/17/2009 08:34:00 AM ·

People have long been concerned about the overflow of illegal immigrants into the United States. It is a matter of record that our borders lack sufficient protection to keep immigrants from entering our country. The government is spending millions in tax payer dollars to care for people who have entered the borders illegally and millions more to hold them while they await being returned to there native countries. The latest thinking is that the building of a wall to contain the emigrant population will protect our border, again costing the tax payers of this country millions of dollars. I am concerned that the government isn't thinking of the consequences of their actions in terms of tax payer dollars.

The people of this country need to intervene with ideas that will lead to policies that solve this problem. Having said that allow me to present a broader more simple view of why I feel emigrants are here. Many are working to support their families Continued

Guest piece Written by Sharona

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