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1/09/2009 07:28:00 PM ·

The wondrous world of a Friday night fight with Google Page rank. Has anyone on the internet super-highway ever figured this out, really?

I recently had the pleasure of running into a friend that had went from a higher page rank to a rating of 1 in a matter of days. They proceeded to set up a new blog entirely to avoid the headache of remedying the situation by going back to older posts and pages and making them Googlebot friendly.

It's a difficult task, I assure you if you have never done this on your own or have no experience doing it at all.

I have noticed that simple things that can be changed in order to crawl the ranks once again. This is a personal lists and I hope you find it helpful. I am by no means an expert since my expertise lies in restaurant ownership and cooking but, this is a sort of Pagerank for Dummies approach.

  • Put heading tags on your pictures. Google loves these.
  • Use keywords in the first 100 characters of a post.

  • When you continue a story to another url, don't just say "read more" or "continued". Example...Why I love Google continued.

  • Grab up some backlinks. The more you have the better your rank.

  • Find blogs that allow comments and follow tags. If you can leave a comment that is actually helpful to the reader, the site owner will leave your link and comment alone.
  • Use a variation of your keyword. Google is intelligent. If you stuff your keyword everywhere, chances are the entire page will be dropped. i.e. Italy travel, travel to Italy, traveling to Italy. Get it?
  • Finding pages that produce a 404 message can easily be deleted by going to the Webmaster page for Google. It usually takes 3-5 days , but ultimately it is helpful in the long run.

  • Are you getting an error message in Webmaster for duplicate pages? This simply means, and I found this out personally, that the results for your pages are showing up in this format http://www or http://. Google see's 2 different pages of the site yet, they are identical. What you need to do is go into your Google webmaster account and put a preference for the domain. If you didn't previously, this is why it's happening.

  • If you get a message "URL restricted by robots.txt me", it simply means that in your meta tags it states that you are restricting that certain page by a no index tag.

  • When in doubt, go back to your posts and check the links to make sure they are pertinent to the posts, they are unbroken, and the url for that particular post is simplified. Meaning they would rather see a url like this rather than shoes1515451578.html. Get the picture?
That was my last and final edition of Pagerank for Dummies. Stay tuned for more posts on a more enlightening, educational, and entertaining nature.

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