Women, Sex and Vegetables

12/31/2008 01:20:00 AM ·

When your mother and father told you to ‘eat your greens’ or your Grandma told you that carrots would ‘help you see in the dark’, you probably rolled your eyes and thought that vegetables were pretty dull huh?

Well now that you are a fully grown adult, it’s time to get that vegetable scraper out because the news is that vegetables can spice up your sex life!


Asparagus is a sexy little vegetable that boosts your sex hormones through its source of Vitamin E. As a result, your sex drive is sure to soar – not least because of the other important Vitamin it contains – Vitamin A. It only needs blanching in a little salted water for about 3 minutes Read More about Women, Sex and Vegetables

Written by Little Miss Lizzy

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