The Wildly Wacky Fartiste from the Moulin Rouge

12/21/2008 10:10:00 PM ·

The Moulin Rouge is famous internationally as the 'spiritual home' of the traditional French can-can, which is still performed there today.

Over centuries, the Moulin Rouge has entertained thousands of curious tourists, residents, Kings, Queens, and street peddlers. However, nothing prepared the guests for this performance.

Le Petomane, “the Fartiste” performed some imitations, using the simple, honest format of announcing and then demonstrating. He displayed his wide sonic range with tenor, baritone, and bass fart sounds. He imitated the farts of a little girl, a mother-in-law, a bride on her wedding night, the same bride the day after, and a mason. He imitated thunder, cannons, and even the sound of a dressmaker tearing two yards of fabric.

After the imitations, Le Petomane popped backstage to put one end of rubber tube into his anus. He returned and smoked a cigarette from this tube, after which he used it to play a couple of tunes on a flute. For his finale he removed the rubber tube, blew out some of the gas-jet footlights from a safe distance away, and then led the audience in a rousing sing-along.

Le Petomane, was actually one of the first performers at the Moulin Rouge. It was said that the King of Belgium made many appearances to see this man’s assets in action.

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