Running into the Devil at Bedtime

12/10/2008 02:58:00 AM ·

I remember when the movie "Exorcism of Emily Rose" came out how disturbing it truly was.
I believe myself to be a spiritual person but, I was not at all prepared for the story that my mom told me years ago when she was visiting my grandma.

For years, my grandmother was haunted by strange noises at night, visions, hearing music, and the television switching on and off by itself. Well, it was easy for the people around her to think she was going crazy.

She was living in New Jersey at the time after my grandfather had died. She was alone in the house. Everyone knows how scary it can be when you are home by yourself. I turn all of the lights on, play music, and just try to not concentrate on all of those noises.

The difference with my grandmother was that her son, my uncle, decided to put her in a home after repeated 911 calls in the middle of the night. He was worried for her health and so were the people that took her away.

My mother was so distraught by all of this. She just knew that something wasn't normal with the house.

When my mother finally traveled to New Jersey, she was asked to stay at the house so that she could help organize the remainder of the items still left there, before the sale of the house.

She brought my sister along who stayed in a separate bedroom. My mother stayed in my grandmother's old room.

As an avid collector, my grandmother had hundreds of clocks around the whole house, including the bedroom. They use to make so much noise when I visited.

As my mother prepared to sleep, she washed her face, turned down the bed and turned off the lights.

At about 3:00 am, all of the clocks stopped ticking. My mother awoke suddenly to feel someone, a dark figure or shadow, clutching her throat. She couldn't breath or speak. She couldn't move because her body was pinned to the bed. The bed was sucking her in. She was terrified. Could this be she thought?

All of a sudden it stopped. My mother started screaming as my sister stormed in to see what was going on. My mother knew at that point my grandmother was not crazy. She could never explain this to my uncle. However, when she visited my grandmother in the home, she told her that she knew. She believed her.

Later that day, my grandmother had a stroke. A couple hours after my mother had had told her.

It's as though someone did not want my grandmother to tell anybody else.

It's like a story out of the movies. It certainly made my belief in the devil more real than ever before.

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