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12/04/2008 02:52:00 AM ·

Amongst the rugged trail of uneven certainties, there lies the scribbling of troubled souls, enraptured lovers, and destruction of ones inner humanity. There are those that share their thoughts on handmade paper, letting the ink smear to illuminate the words and create a picture that comes alive with thoughts of perplexity.-Lauren Axelrod

Spotlight on Rilyd from Triond

A young 19 year old expresses her views in a poetic and simplistic piece.

Writing to Me

Writing to me is everything i can't say
out loud, nobody can tell me what to write, like
they tell me what to say and like they tell me
what to do. Writing to me is a relief, with all the
stress that's bottled up inside me, at the end of
the night to let it all out with a pen and a piece
of paper is the best part of the day. Writing to
me is a challenge, to find the right thing to say
to express exactly how I'm feeling, in times that
are good and bad, but even with that, i love to
write and i always will.

The Last December
Putting up with too much for way too long.

Trusting someone with a secret.

By rileyd

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