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12/16/2008 03:21:00 AM ·

One of the most challenging languages to learn is English, with its unconventional structure and constantly shifting rules. Even though you may have a good grasp on grammar rules, you’ll often run into exceptions to the rule. Of course, once you learn the exceptions, you find that very seldom do people speak English correctly. Consequently, you may find that immersing yourself in the English language is the best way to learn. Passing every online or in-person English class you can take won’t help you to pick up on the nuances of the English language as much as spending some quality time with native speakers will.

Spend Time with English Speakers

Online courses are great for learning the basics of English, but you’ll have to spend time around people who speak English and speak it well to really get a feel for the language. If you have friends who speak English in addition to your native language, ask if they’ll speak English when you’re around. If this isn’t possible, try attending an in-person English class so that you can learn from the teacher and other students. Even listening to More

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