Healthy Lifestyle 1: You are What You Eat

12/19/2008 02:57:00 AM ·

An overview of the cause and effect of an unhealthy lifestyle and what you can do to make the proper lifestyle changes to create a better world and a better you.

Spring vs. Winter

What is it that makes us go out of our way each spring to slim down, tone up, and put on fresh coat of sunshine? We all want to feel good, and be more attractive, so that we look better in those revealing summer clothes. I originally wrote this article for a spring publication, but decided that this time of the year may be even more appropriate because let's face it, this time of year is when nearly all of us put on the most weight. If we start now, during the cold months to slim down, tone up and get ready, we'll be ready for the summer long before it arrives! 

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