Defend the Constitution: Help Bring Down Policies That Discriminate Against Non-theists

12/30/2008 04:09:00 AM ·

Did you know that you can be thrown out of many popular clubs and organizations and be prevented from serving in a public office just for not sharing the questionable religious beliefs of the majority of Americans?

When he was a kid, one of my best friends joined the Boy Scouts of America. He was a model Scout for the duration of his membership, but that membership was suddenly revoked after about six months—not for misconduct or failure to complete program requirements, but because his Scout Master saw that he identified himself as agnostic on his MySpace.

Such discrimination against non-theists (people who don't affirm the existence of gods) is surprisingly widespread in the U.S. Many organizations such as the Boy Scouts, who call themselves private even though they benefit from public funds, have discriminatory policies that bar non-theists Read More about Policies That Discriminate Against Non-theists

Written by S Mercedes

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