College Finals are Complete: Deans List Here I come

12/18/2008 08:03:00 PM ·

No one ever told me it was going to be this hard and this fun the second time around. For my entire life, I have been operating restaurants and I knew that the first step I made into the door of Anatomy class would change my entire outlook.

I think it's interesting that the first day of class, I could barely find a seat since there were around 85 students attending this section however, when I went to my final on Tuesday, there were only 20 souls.

It's makes you wonder really about the future of the health-care industry. I'm just glad that the students getting consistent 22%'s on the tests were gone so it left me with no competition.

I managed to get an A on my final and that was one of my high points in my educational journey, especially considering one of my best friends in an ER Doctor and she received a B in Anatomy. Of course that was 11 years ago but, I'm still keeping count.

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