Bohemian Grove:Secret Meeting Place for the Elite

12/13/2008 12:48:00 PM ·

If any of you ever wanted to know if there was a secret message on our money from the United States, you would be right.

If you look at the top right corner of the dollar bill you will see a hidden figure. It looks as though it might be an owl or a spider. The spider makes more sense as it is surrounded by a design fashioned like a web. A web of deceit perhaps. It does, however, represent the Owl of Bohemia.

If you are not familiar with Bohemian Grove I will let you in on the background and the secrets of the elite that have been meeting there for years.

The Grove is a private campground located in California's Sonoma County. Every year, this meeting boasts a two-week gathering of the elite. A highly select group of male members consisting of Republican and Democratic presidents, CEO's, and some of the most powerful men in business and government.

Some of the past and present participants include George Bush, Bill Gates, George Shultz, Ronald Reagan, David Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, and Henry Kissinger.

The participants claim that only official business is conducted there. There are speeches about policy and the formation of projects, like the Manhattan Project.

In 1991, a reporter went undercover to observe the happenings of this mysterious gathering. Unfortunately, his visit was cut short before he had a full story. It is said that the reporter was removed by executives of company he was actually More

Written by Lauren Axelrod

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