Once Upon a Time

11/18/2008 02:59:00 AM ·

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One upon a time a man stopped thinking about his job, his family, his self. He felt his identity quiver like a bowl of jello bumped ever so lightly. This ‘quiver’ gave rise to the possibility that his ’self’ was not as solid as he thought.

Since this was a new idea to him, the thought that his self might not be as secure as he thought produced a little bit of fear. He had never considered that his self was anything other than solid, secure, and confident.

However, he went on into this possibility. He felt the fear. Although many times he wanted to turn away and escape from the fear, he went on. He could not bear the idea of not knowing where it would lead, so he went on.

As he searched for his identity that, at first, quivered, he began to feel peace. Then, the peace began to expand beyond his ’self’ and his ’self’ expanded with it. This brought another rush of fear as what he first thought of as ’self’ began to consider what this meant. He ignored this self. He heard but did not listen.

As he went on, he began to be able to allow his old self apply reasoning to what was happening without inducing fear. He began to see that what he had called his self, his identity, was just a “self-created” self. It was a self that was not true as far as his essence. It was a layer put on top of his essence.

Story Continued Here by nitwit

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