Introducing Fruits and Vegetables to your Children

11/05/2008 02:00:00 AM ·

Fruits and vegetables are so important for nutrition, in growing children, so should not be left behind. Let me pinpoint some tips to guide this group of foods into a friendly spot on the plates of young children. The palate of youngsters is very choosy quite early in life. This is where sometimes the child makes some facial gestures to the parent and leads us down a forbidden path. We either don't like the food that we are feeding the child, so we stop doling it out, or tackle it another way. Children, at an early age, watch our every move and begin mimicking us. If we can approach this early feeding experience with happiness and a sense of well being, things take on a brighter future. At times, the food I was feeding my infants, caused a funny face from them to me. I smiled and created an mmm sound, which seemed to cause a different reaction soon.

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