Frequent Small Meal Diet

11/20/2008 03:57:00 AM ·

Most people in society eat 2-3 medium- to large-sized meals per day. For some, this diet is nearly unavoidable. It is certainly more efficient from a time standpoint to just eat a couple of times per day. The “start up cost” of transportation to and from a restaurant or time spent shopping for and cooking food makes it hard enough to have three meals per day, let alone six.

To the angst of our bodies, our society is engineered to feed us in nearly the exact opposite manner of what is optimal for our health. Fast food restaurants meet the demand for a quick and filling meal. After all, most people don’t care to spend a significant portion of their day dealing with the task of staying nourished. There are better things to do: work, play with the kids, exercise, spend time with friends, etc… right?

Unfortunately, by putting diet low on the priority list, we are robbing ourselves of the chance to live a longer and healthier life in which we can enjoy the aforementioned activities.

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