Wonders of the World

9/30/2008 02:52:00 PM ·

The true wonders of the world are the Archeological structures that have withstood time, war and destruction, and natural disaster and poverty.

The lists that appear time and time again depict the wonders of the modern day. These structures are indeed amazing in their own right but, have they really withstood the test of time and the history that has paved the way for all of us?

Scientists and Archaeologists have been researching these amazing feats for years. They have established timelines for the beginning of life, the scriptures that foretold the future, and the artifacts left behind that have been carbon dated as far back as millions of years. If these remnants of history are still standing after the evolution of the world, then theseare the true wonders of the world.Read more about the Wonders of the World

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