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9/28/2008 10:09:00 AM ·

I Am Beautiful Too: Slime Mold Rehabilitated

Slime and mold are two words guaranteed to send a shiver down many a spine. However, plasmodial slime molds, fungus - like organisms with about eight hundred and fifty species worldwide - possess a strange beauty that you might not expect. Come and take a look at a few, thanks to some exquisite macro photography. You may never look at slime mold in the same light again. Full Article by RJ Evans

Unmasking Urban Legends: Facts You May Not Know About the Stories You’ve Heard.

A new twist on an old favorite. Urban Legends are like the game of telephone, along the way the facts get sillier and more bizarre. Full Story

What Happens If You Google Google?

Contrary to popular belief, your laptop will not self destruct when you google the word Google. Story by RJ Chamberlain

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