Who Knew Pancakes could help you Lose Weight!

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I try to be unusual in the kitchen and I know that sounds quite strange, but being inventive with food has always been a large part of my life. As I get older I have to consider what affects certain types of food have on my body and carbohydrates certainly are my weakness. I try to keep them to a minimum everyday, but each and everytime I attempt to have a slice of bread or bagel I usually gain a pound, when in actuality I really shouldn't.
protein pancakes

Friends Revolution is no longer being updated

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Hi Friends,

Friends Revolution was one of the first blogs I created many years ago to share articles published on the web, and stories written by me. I have decided to only focus my attention towards my main website, Ancient Digger. If you are interested in travel, history, and archaeology, then this is the place to be. Please join me at there!

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Welcome to Friends Revolution

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